Word document - Ink not showing for others

This is strange, you've signed that important document using the Ink Pen feature and sent it across to a colleague but they told you that they cannot see that it has been signed. You open it and it is showing? Well, this tip should help solve that mystery.

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There is a particular setting in word that can cause any ink drawings to be hidden. This is the likeliest reason why your recipient is unable to see your signature. The following steps will outline how they can unhide the ink.

  1. Select the Review Tab on the Ribbon along the top of the application

  2. Locate the Ink Section and click the highlighted "Hide Ink" button at the end of the row
    Microsoft Word Review Tab with the Hide Ink button highlighted at the end of the row

  3. The "Hide Ink" button will not unhighlight and any Ink drawings on the document will now show

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