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Windows 10 - final years before retirement

Windows 10 is officially retiring in 2025. This post is to provide the exact date of retirement and what to do next.
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Happy Retirement

Windows 10 is retiring on 14th October 2025, this is for all versions of Windows (Home, Pro, Education and Enterprise).

The LTSC version provides extended support and will continue to be supported after this date.

Microsoft have also confirmed that Windows 22H2 is the final released version that will be supported up to 14th October 2025, with security patches. There will be no new features released to Windows 10.

What now?

Firstly, I would check and ensure all your devices are now on Windows 10 22H2 so that they remain in support. If you have a licence for Microsoft Intune, this will help ensure devices are kept up to date and a Compliance Policy to block access to corporate resources until it does (as long as they are managed in Intune), if you don't use Intune but are using on-premises Configuration Manager (aka SCCM), you can use this and the builtin WSUS (Windows Software Update Service) to keep your devices up to date

Then, if you haven't done so already, I would recommend to start planning for the shift over to Windows 11 with extensive testing.

This is to ensure business critical systems work correctly on Windows 11 as the builtin security is stricter and you may come across unexpected problems.

Once you begin the gradual deployment to Windows 11 after the extensive testing, you should not have any nasty and unexpected surprises.

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