Windows 11 - Snipping Tool

Some simple and handy tips for the Windows 11 version of the Snipping Tool.

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Opening the Snipping Tool App

  1. Click into the search bar on the Task bar and search for "Snipping"

Snipping Tool Start MenuClick either the App name "Snipping Tool" or "Open"

The Snipping ToolAlternatively, you can also use the key combination Windows Key + Shift + S to start a snip straight away without opening the snipping tool app directly.

Credit: Jeroen Ebus for mentioning this as a comment on my Linkedin Post

Enable use of Multiple Windows

If you need to take multiple snips, then enabling the use of multiple Windows is the option you need. To enable this do the following:

  1. Click the 3 dots then select "Settings"

Snipping Tool Settings DropdownThen under the "Snipping" Heading, toggle the appropriate options you want to turn off or on. In this case it is the "Multiple Windows" option, which will "open new screenshots in different windows"

Snipping Tool Settings

Open Snipping Tool when pressing the "PRTSC" button

In the same settings area to enable Multiple Windows, you can also be directed to the general settings area to enable the Snipping tool to be used whenever you press the "prtsc" button on your keyboard.

Click the "Change in Windows Settings" then scroll down and locate the below screenshotted section. Toggle the "Use the Print Screen Button to open screen snipping" This will likely require a device restart for this change to be applied as mentioned below the setting name.

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